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09.05.2017 10:00 am - 12.05.2017 3:00 pm
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
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VDML Value Management Professional

Is your organization aligned, your strategy concrete, your vision embedded in the organization and are you ready for decision making and control? VDML (Value Delivery Modeling Language) effectively helps you to create a clear view on the development of your business.

VDML was first proposed as a (RFP) standard in 2009 and is a standard modeling language for analysis and design of the operation of an enterprise with particular focus on the creation and exchange of value. This training creates a collective understanding of business goals, priorities and actions required to implement operational excellence.

This seminar is oriented towards process managers, project managers, controllers, strategists, consultants, business architects, line managers, c-level manager and alike who are interested in Aligning corporate activities to a shared corporate goal.

The standard price for this VMP training is € 6.000,-. Due to introduction on the German market we offer the first 10 registrations for the price of € 4.899,-. So don't wait too long with booking!

€4.899,00 10

24.10.2017 9:00 am -6:00 pm
Stuttgart (ICS), Germany
Stuttgart (ICS), Germany
Messepiazza 1, 70629 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
tekom-Jahrestagung 2017

Die tekom-Jahrestagung mit der parallel stattfindenden tcworld und tekom-Messe ist die größte Veranstaltung und der Marktplatz schlechthin für Technische Kommunikation weltweit.


We are very glad to receive positive feedback from the people we work with no matter if it is top management or shop floor staff. Some of them volunteer as references for us:

Harald Fischer, Teamlead Process Management Center

In three compact days, the training has expanded my process knowledge, added many good concepts and fresh perspectives around the process life cycle. At the same time, BPMN was in the focus the whole period, so that this practice-oriented deepening has always been very much related to the every-day modeling work.

-Harald Fischer, Teamlead Process Management Center
Amao Xu, Senior Consultant

What I liked at the seminar is that I am very impressed by the professional knowledge. And I also find it excellent that during the seminar we were able to discuss practical examples and discuss the possibilities for optimization.

-Amao Xu, Senior Consultant