Our consultants say it as it is: straightforward - no grapevine, no rumors, no political games
Our trainings supply you with relevant skills
Our skilled specialists complete your team

Prior to consulting an informational interview is conducted to learn about your current situation and to set the consulting objectives. Though the type of consulting and collaboration is to be agreed upon, in most cases one or more workshops are held to identify and analyze your business challenges with relevant stakeholders. In the course of work our analysis methodology, pointed questions and paying attention to details while listening to your strategic goals, occurring problems and potential business changes are identified.

© MINAUTICS - Elicitation and analysis phase

Following this, your current situation is summed up, necessary assumptions laid out and a concept for change developed. If desired, a quote for execution will be presented.

© MINAUTICS - Design phase

We work fact-based with measurable results that work, always enabling the customer to deliver a superior performance. Nothing less can be expected from us.

© MINAUTICS - Execution phase


We are very glad to receive positive feedback from the people we work with no matter if it is top management or shop floor staff. Some of them volunteer as references for us:

Harald Fischer, Teamlead Process Management Center

In three compact days, the training has expanded my process knowledge, added many good concepts and fresh perspectives around the process life cycle. At the same time, BPMN was in the focus the whole period, so that this practice-oriented deepening has always been very much related to the every-day modeling work.

-Harald Fischer, Teamlead Process Management Center
Amao Xu, Senior Consultant

What I liked at the seminar is that I am very impressed by the professional knowledge. And I also find it excellent that during the seminar we were able to discuss practical examples and discuss the possibilities for optimization.

-Amao Xu, Senior Consultant