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These Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply for seminars, trainings and workshops from the offer of MINAUTICS UG (haftungsb.) and for individually agreed seminars.


The MINAUTICS UG (haftungsb.) - hereinafter referred to as MINAUTICS - provides services in type and scope in accordance with current seminar descriptions. The instructors are carefully selected and have a special expertise in their field. Seminars and training courses can also be compiled in accordance for the needs of the customer (individually agreed seminars). Their contents correspond either to standard seminars or will be agreed upon in advance to allow MINAUTICS and their lecturers adequate preparation. The agreed contents are specified in a course schedule.

Owed are only those services listed in the course schedule or order confirmation. Additional questions or requests of the participants can be taken into account in the conduct of the seminar at the discretion of the trainers.

Seminar documents

The rights to the documents made available during the seminars (eg. handouts, exercises, case studies, etc.) are owned exclusively by MINAUTICS. Any other use requires the written consent of MINAUTICS.

In the seminars software is used, which is protected by copyrights and trademarks. This software may neither be copied nor processed in any other machine-readable form and must not be removed from the conference room.

Registration and confirmation

Registration is only possible online, via a form on our website. The customer receives an automatic confirmation of receipt of his registration. After registration the customer receives a written confirmation, in which the scope of services and the remuneration is detained. With this confirmation the seminar agreement comes into existence. The seminar contract is a service contract acc. ยง611 BGB.

Registrations will be accepted in the order of receipt until the maximum number of participants are considered. The maximum number of participants can be found in the descriptions. It amounts depending on the topic between about 5 and 15 people. In case of overbooking, the participant will be informed immediately.

Cancellation, rebooking

The provision of a replacement participant is free in any case. A cancellation or postponement by the subscriber must be in writing. Cancellation fees will apply if a replacement participant will not be provided for that seminar:

  • Cancellation up to 45 calendar days prior to the seminar: no cost
  • Cancellation up to 28 calendar days prior to the seminar: 50% of the seminar price
  • Cancellation up to 10 calendar days prior to the seminar: 75% of the seminar price
  • Cancellation less than 10 calendar days before the seminar: 100% of the seminar price.

Each reservation can once be adjourned up to 45 calendar days prior to the seminar free of charge. A cancellation fee of 150 EUR excl. VAT. will be charged for reoccurring postponement. Changes to another seminar event will be treated as a cancellation. If a transfer is not possible, the fee will be refunded. The decision on this is up to MINAUTICS.

Cancellation by MINAUTICS

MINAUTICS reserves the right to cancel the seminar due to insufficient number of participants and if necessary to change seminar dates. If a seminar by force majeure, illness of the trainer or other circumstances not to be caused by MINAUTICS no entitlement to hold the seminar can be upheld. MINAUTICS in this case is obliged to offer the client an alternative date. If no agreement on a new appointment can found, the customer is free to cancel the contract. MINAUTICS in this case has no claim to cancellation fees.

MINAUTICS reserves the right to relocate events and / or time, or failing that, to use a different trainers, when it is objectively justified by a prevention of the trainers or other not directly MINAUTICS for reasons. The change must be reasonable for the participants.

MINAUTICS cannot be obliged to replace travel or accommodation costs as well as other damages. If MINAUTICS cancels a seminar, it will be communicated to each participant no later than 14 calendar days before the date.

A statutory right of extraordinary termination remains unaffected.

Terms of payment

Seminar fees are due non-cash without any deduction immediately upon invoicing.

Seminar fees

Seminar fees are excluding. VAT (currently at 19%). They include the cost of rooms, all training materials, lunch incl. a drink and refreshments. During the seminars, participants are insured by MINAUTICS.

Data, proof of participation and certificates

Based on the information previously transmitted by the participant, a proof of participation or a certificate will be created - provided that the information is complete and the seminar was attended. For subsequent or renewed issuance of a certificate of attendance or a certificate MINAUTICS charges a processing fee of 10 euros plus VAT.

Data, images and footage

The participant agrees that he or she may be approached by MINAUTICS and allows using the contact details to receive documents or information.

The data will be used exclusively by MINAUTICS and affiliates and not shared with third parties.

Warranty and liability

No liability can be assumed for brought in personal items (laptops, bags, jackets, etc.) by the participants or clients during a seminar.