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VDML Value Management Professional

VDML Value Management Professional

Is your organization aligned, your strategy concrete, your vision embedded in the organization and are you ready for decision making and control? VDML (Value Delivery Modeling Language) effectively helps you to create a clear view on the development of your business.

VDML was first proposed as a (RFP) standard in 2009 and is a standard modeling language for analysis and design of the operation of an enterprise with particular focus on the creation and exchange of value. This training creates a collective understanding of business goals, priorities and actions required to implement operational excellence.

This seminar is oriented towards process managers, project managers, controllers, strategists, consultants, business architects, line managers, c-level manager and alike who are interested in Aligning corporate activities to a shared corporate goal.

The standard price for this VMP training is € 6.000,-. Due to introduction on the German market we offer the first 10 registrations for the price of € 4.899,-. So don't wait too long with booking!

Your benefit

This training "VDML Value Management Professional" covers the VDML standard and utilizes the software from VDMbee. 


  • Discover: What/ Why/ How
  • Prototype: Business Model Plan
  • Prototype: Value Network Design
  • Prototype: Value Streams Design
  • Prototype: Competency Design
  • Prototype: Value Impact Design & Measurement
  • Prototype: Alternatives And Next Phases
  • Adopt: Present/ Decide/ Initiate

Duration and times

The duration of this seminar is 4 day.

On the first day, the event starts at 10:00 am to help you get there. The first day ends at about 5:30 pm. The following days begin at 9:00 am while ending at 05:00 pm. The last day of trainings ends by 03:00 pm to allow you to return safely (other times may be agreed upon within the group on the first day).

Our offering

  • Top trainers
  • Small groups, not more than 10 participants
  • Latest contents to be applied immediately 
  • Tips and tricks from our practice to your practice
  • Comprehensive training material, exercises and solution examples.
  • Upon successful completion of the VMP training the participant will receive a certificate stating that the course has been followed and ended with satifactory results.
  • Top training location in a stimulating atmosphere
  • Catering inclusive: coffee and tea all days, cool beverages and culinary highlights during lunch break. 


To become a certified Value Management Professional an extra effort is required. For this see The extra cost for this is € 1.500,-


The shown dates do not fit your agenda? We offer this seminar multiple times during the year.

Event Properties

Event date 06.11.2017 10:00 am
Event End Date 09.11.2017 3:00 pm
Cut off date 01.11.2017
Individual Price €4.899,00
Berlin, Germany
Details will follow
Berlin, Germany
€4.899,00 10

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