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We consider Performance Management as a process of planning, analyzing, designing and monitoring people's and organization's performance towards a predetermined goal or objective. Performance Management is neither capturing as many data and numbers as possible nor is it an instrument to proof personal failures. Performance Management is the fact based approach to reach operational excellence.

Its prerequisites are:

  • a clear vision and strategy
  • defined goals and objectives
  • ability to allocate resources accordingly

When not available, we begin by creating a target system. Critical success factors must be identified in order to develop key performance indicators, which make the achievement of the company strategy comprehensible. Not only financial measures are taken into account, but also soft facts, which will determine the company's success in the future.

Knowing your performance in alle aspects eases your decisions and enables to reach operational excellence.

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MINAUTICS offers a performance management framework based on modern management theory adjusted to practicability where the overall vision and strategy defines the structure of work, the targeted performance levels on organizational and individual level and the performance monitored while operating.

Our framework combines modern strategy concepts (e.g. Blue Ocean, Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard, etc.) with cause-effect-analysis to identify means to improve corporate and individual performance.

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Friedemann Christ, Managing Director

MINAUTICS helped us to raise the quality of BPMN-Modelling. This improved our work with customers and enhances the quality of our project results. The joint review of process syntax and semantics are very valuable for us. Thank you and carry on!

-Friedemann Christ, Managing Director
Christoph Jöckel, Managing Director

To me MINAUTICS gives advice and support since founding my company. Thereby our organizational structure was adequately professionalized and adjusted to new requirements. To me, new ideas and practice-oriented solution approaches distinguishes MINAUTICS from others. Along with this recommendation and express my gratitude for our fruitful cooperation.

-Christoph Jöckel, Managing Director